Client Testimonials

Stokley Property Management Owners share their thoughts.

Katie Harbison, Property Owner

“I have been working with the Stokleys for realty related care for about 3 years. From day one, my family felt comfortable and confident in their knowledge and ability to appropriately care for our home while we couldn't. They are always professional and caring - they understand that our home isn't just an investment. Jay and Dionne, along with their team, always carefully screen potential tenants and applicants. I know that even though we have the final say, by the time the applicant's information reaches me, they have been thoroughly vetted. It's extremely difficult to manage a home from over 3,000 miles away - and I can honestly say that we never have anything to worry about. From the simplest repair, they are always on top of things and get the facts over to us promptly. We are so thankful we have been able to utilize their services.”

Susan Potter Smith-Potter Family LLC, Investor

"Stokley Property Management has been wonderful to work with. We had a terrible experience with another property management firm. We took some time to screen various companies to find one which would meet our needs. Stokley Property Management provided everything we needed as long distance owners. Jay is very proactive, responsive and trustworthy. He is on top of each of our tenants needs as if he owned the properties himself. This is comforting being an absent owner. Jay also contacts me prior to any maintenance repair whether its large or small. My properties had many vacancies when Stokley Property Management took over. Today we have 100% occupancy with 100% payments. This is something we never experienced with our other company. And the accounting that accompanies the payments is electronic and accessible at all times as well as accurate. We would recommend Stokley Property Management to any property owners seeking a company that would manage the same way you would yourself. Kudos to Jay and his team."

Harry & Susan Everett, Property Owner

“Stokley Property Management has done an excellent job in managing our rental properties in Wilmington since 2010. First, they have done a great job in selecting highly qualified tenants that has resulted in very little turnover during this period. Also, their efforts in collecting and forwarding rental payments, taking care of needed repairs promptly, and providing detailed monthly and annual financial reports are commendable. Since we do not live in the Wilmington, we rely totally on Stokley Property Management to manage our properties and we highly recommend them to anyone needing a property manager in the Wilmington area.”

Jonathan Barbour, Property Owner

“My wife and I have worked with Jay and Dionne Stokley for over eight years.  They are very professional, honest, and experts at what they do.  Our homes have been successfully rented to well qualified tenants with minimal vacancy between leases. I highly recommend Stokley Property Management to anyone interested in leasing out their property.”

Laura Overstreet, Property Owner

“I have employed 3 different property managers in the past. Currently, I can say that Jay Stokley is far superior to any manager I have had. He is a man of integrity and he works very hard to be sure the property is rented without losing a month. He has wisdom in selecting tenants which help with longevity, care of the property, and costs. I highly recommend Jay for all your property management needs.”

Russell Nugent, Property Owner

“Stokley Property Management has been managing the rental of a condo of mine in Wilmington for the better part of three years.  They have made the experience of renting my property simple and affordable.  Stokley handles all repair issues, tenant problems and complaints and any legal proceedings incident to the rental agreement and does so professionally and promptly.  I can tell you from experience that Jay and his staff provide excellent customer service and prevent my rental property from becoming yet one more headache to contend with.  They are very responsive to maintenance and other tenant requests and none of my tenants have had a word of complaint about Stokley Property management.  I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and colleagues.”