Real Estate Property Management Overview

Professional real estate management is the administrative operation and maintenance of property to meet the objectives of the owner. It also involves planning for the future of the property by proposing physical and fiscal programs that enhance the value of the real estate.

Property Management Responsibilities

All of these responsibilities are undertaken to achieve the owner’s goals for the property. Stokley Property Management's objectives are to make investing easy for you.

  • Maintain the Property
  • Respond to Tenants’ needs
  • Collect Rents
  • Pay Expenses
  • Prepare Budgets
  • Market Property
  • Negotiate Leases
  • Report to Owners
  • Hire and Supervise Personnel

Stokley Property Management Investment Services

Stokley Property Management investment services assists the investor in every step of procuring a property. We represent and advise clients all over Southeastern North Carolina on acquisitions of single-family homes, multi-family homes, developments, and communities. We stay up to date to the ever changing market conditions by utilizing current sales comparables and the latest analysis models to determine a properties true value and investment potential. We focus on achieving the greatest return for our clients' investments.

Stokley Property Management maintains a conglomerate of lenders ready to assist the investor. With foreclosures and short sales saturating the market, you need a team to identify the right property, and successfully negotiate the property at the right price.

  • Identifying the right property
  • Procuring the property at the right price
  • Assist in renovating the property
  • Manage the property
  • Assist in renovating the property
  • Manage the property